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Life Insurance Coverage In Ontario

Maple Bay is an insurance brokerage helping those in need of a term life insurance policy, permanent insurance plans, employee benefits, and more. Our advisors offer different types of life insurance plans to align with your needs. Whether you want to protect yourself, your loved ones, your business, or your property, Maple Bay can provide you with the information and insights required to choose the right life insurance plan for your lifestyle. We are proud to offer our services to clients in the province of Ontario.

Are You Protected?

No matter your age, it is never too late to consider a life insurance plan. Our helpful brokers work with many life insurance companies in Ontario so that we are guaranteed to help you find a policy that has affordable premiums and the right amount of coverage. Your age is not a sign of your eligibility – speak with one of our experts to get a quote for life insurance rates and coverage.

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Life Insurance Services

Death and illness are generally unexpected, which is why we want to make sure you have coverage that is guaranteed to fit your needs. Our brokerage helps clients with the following:

Do you own a business and want to offer your employees a benefit plan? It is important for companies to consider the well-being of their workers. A Group Health Insurance option increases medical coverage at a reduced cost for all associated group members. The policy includes more benefits for less and will improve your employees’ quality of life.
Do you have children who rely on you? Who will offer financial support in the future in the event of your death? Who will pay for your mortgage? A whole life insurance policy will pay out a designated tax-free death benefit to the beneficiaries of your estate. By finding the right life insurance plan, a policyholder can protect their family and provide them with money even after they are gone.
Life is not guaranteed, and neither is our health. Illness can occur at any time so ensure you have the coverage and benefits you need with critical illness insurance. This insurance will cover medical emergencies where traditional insurance may fall short. The payments essentially support you through the financial hardships that accompany unexpected illnesses, such as paying your mortgage and bills when you no longer have an income.

Do you have a history of pre-existing conditions? Are you older in age? While you may have to pay higher premiums, you are still eligible for life insurance. With this type of life insurance plan, you can forgo the medical exam and still get products that are guaranteed to cover your needs and leave behind an amount for your beneficiary.

Want to start saving for retirement? Oftentimes, government and workplace pensions simply are not enough. Contribute to an insurance plan that will allow you to borrow against the policy’s cash value when it comes time to retire. Manage your risk while building wealth.
Life insurance can offer protection and security for you and your family. Permanent life insurance is lifelong coverage that typically builds over a number of years. You can access cash subject to certain tax implications should you ever choose to do so. Get more benefits and consider an insurance plan that works best for you and your family.
Life insurance plans to cover final expenses will save your loved ones from financial heartache. The average cost of a funeral is $10,000, which most Canadians are not prepared to pay. The choice to plan ahead for your service will protect your family from being left with a large and unaffordable payment.

We work directly with Canada Protection Plan to ensure our clients get the coverage and protection they deserve.

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As Insurance Brokers, We Work For You.

We don’t work for a life insurance company. Instead, we offer the resources you need to make the best long-term life decisions. Life insurance provides peace of mind. Our advisor will advise you on the ways in which life insurance policies can help you with a disability, your mortgage, final expenses, and illnesses over a period of time. Talk to our expert advisor today for details about your free life insurance quote.

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Maple Bay will be there for you through the entire process of finding life insurance coverage. We offer the most diverse products in the industry and are contracted by leading insurance carriers in Canada. When you work with our insurance broker, you will receive service and advice that is based on years of experience in the insurance industry. We let you know how much life insurance coverage you need, based on your situation. Our goal is to offer guaranteed life insurance products with affordable payment options. If you want to explore life insurance coverages for you and your family, give us a call or send us an email. Let’s get started on your life insurance quotes today.

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We strive to find you excellent coverage with affordable premiums. Call today to get a quote on coverage that suits your needs no matter your age or financial situation.

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Maple Bay Is Proudly Licensed In The Province Of Ontario

We will work with a life insurance company to find you a policy that has the coverage you deserve and a premium you can afford.

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