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Life insurance coverage holds many benefits. Even if you think you’re “too young” to start thinking about it, you’re not! When you reach adulthood, it’s good to start thinking about it and asking questions. And that’s where Maple Bay can come in. We’re independent insurance brokers based in BC but help clients all across Calgary and the rest of Canada obtain the best life insurance policy for them and answer any of their questions along the way.

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The Benefits Of Life Insurance

Not only is life insurance for affordable than you think, but it’s also a great way to bring peace of mind to your family in the event of your passing. Your beneficiary will receive a tax-free lump-sum payout for covering final expenses like your funeral costs and things like mortgage payments, credit card payments, car payments, and whatever else they want to use the money for (education, their mortgage, etc.). Plus, with a permanent life insurance plan, you can also borrow money against it as it appreciates over time.

Our life insurance broker can help you find life insurance in Calgary quotes from a variety of lenders across Canada and help you choose the right coverage for your needs.

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Permanent Vs. Term Life Insurance

With a permanent policy, it lasts the entirety of your life. Basic types of permanent insurance include whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable, and more. With term life insurance, terms can last anywhere from 10-30 years. You can renew it if it expires, but if it expires before your death, beneficiaries will not receive the lump-sum payout. There is also no cash value or investment opportunities with term life insurance, but it still may be a good option for you depending on your circumstances. We’ll go over all of the life insurance options in more detail during your meeting with our broker so you understand them and can make an informed decision.

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We Work For You, Not Just One Insurance Company

The best part about working with independent brokers like Maple Bay is the fact that we have access to a variety of premiums being offered by various insurance companies across Canada, not just one company. We work hard to help find the best life insurance quote for you and help you get approved quickly. Even if you have health issues, are older, or have been denied life insurance in the past, we can get you a life policy through no medical life insurance. There are always options available to you.

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If you’re looking to buy life insurance but have no idea where to start, we can help you get the coverage that is right for you. We work with top-trusted life insurance companies that offer affordable plans for everyone. Protect your loved ones when you pass. Don’t leave them with a financial burden. Contact Maple Bay today to help you find the right coverage that you all deserve.

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