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We help clients in Airdrie, AB find the best life insurance coverage for their specific needs and to help their families when they pass. Not only do you deserve the best coverage, but your family deserves to be brought peace of mind knowing they’ll be protected and able to mourn their loss, not worry about how they’ll pay for your expenses.

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The Benefits Of Life Insurance

Many people think that they only need to worry about life insurance policies when they’re older, but that isn’t true. As a young adult, it’s important to start thinking about it. It’s also more affordable than you think it is! There are also many benefits to having life insurance too, including a tax-free lump-sum payout that will go to your beneficiary when you pass, knowing your family will be able to cover final expenses, having an option to borrow against overtime (with permanent life insurance), and more.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of life insurance in Airdrie or no medical life insurance, contact our insurance brokers.

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Do You Have Health Problems That Prevent You From Getting Life Insurance?

Insurance companies can often deny people who have an illness, are older, if they have dangerous hobbies or partake in dangerous sports, and if they have mental health problems. But that’s exactly why no medical life insurance was created. If you fall under one of those categories, your insurance needs can still be met. When you work with a professional from Maple Bay, we have access to a variety of premiums and products from trusted lenders across Canada and can explain every step of the process to you, especially when it comes to being denied typical life insurance policies.

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Your Family'S Needs Will Be Looked After

The best thing about your beneficiary receiving a lump-sum payout is they can choose how to spend the money. Whether it’s for their personal education, their children’s education, paying the remaining mortgage on your property or any other outstanding debts, it’s totally up to them.

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Located In Bc But Serving All Of Canada

Our brokers operate out of BC, but we service all of Alberta, Ontario, and the rest of Canada. So, if you are located in Airdrie, AB and want to learn more about life insurance or are interested in our other services, contact us today or fill out an online form to get started. Our other services include disability insurance, travel insurance, funeral insurance, employee benefits, and more.

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Want A Free Quote In Alberta?

When you work with our brokers, rest assured knowing that you’re getting professional, honest, and sound advice. We’re knowledgeable professionals who have been in the industry and working with companies across Canada for many years now. If you’re interested in our services, request a free quote by filling out a form online today. Let us know a little bit about you and we’ll respond in a timely manner.

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