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Author: Matt Kakuk

Life Insurance

2022 Best Burial & Funeral Expenses Insurance

In Canada, the expected costs of a funeral have been increasing. In 2022, expenses currently range from $5,000 to $15,000 for a more moderate funeral,

Life Insurance

Over 70’s Life Insurance

It’s never too late to obtain life insurance – not even for seniors over 70 years of age. Finding the right coverage at the right

Critical Illness

Funeral insurance vs funeral bond

The average cost of a funeral in Canada is around $10,000. That can feel like a lot of money to your loved ones as they mourn their

Employee Benefits

Benefits Of Mortgage Insurance

Buying a home is a big deal. Mortgage life insurance can help you protect your investment and secure your family’s future. What is mortgage insurance?

Critical Illness

Do I Need Critical Illness Insurance?

We don’t like to think about being critically ill in the future. With the quality of life in Canada, it’s no wonder. Most of us

Critical Illness

Cheap life insurance for seniors Canada

It is a common assumption that seniors can’t get life insurance policies. But that is not true. There are so many good reasons to have

Critical Illness

Is life insurance worth it?

Life insurance sounds like something that is not necessary. Perhaps if you’re older, you’ll get some. But safeguarding your loved ones is never something you

Critical Illness

How Much Is Mortgage Insurance: Canada

The average price for a home in Canada increased 17.1% in 2021, and that number is only expected to rise in 2022. With house prices going up,