Life Insurance for Flying and Pilots

In the insurance industry, pilots are broken down into three categories: commercial, private and sport aviation; but, how does flying affect your chances of getting affordable life insurance? This is the question we’re going to analyze.

We’re going to look at how underwriters view flying, and then we look specifically at each group of pilots; and how expensive, or not, a life insurance policy is for them.

Flying – Regular or Rated Life Insurance Rates

Often pilots are worried that their career or hobby means they will have to pay higher life insurance premiums. However, we are happy to report that this is not always the norm. In fact in the majority of cases, life insurance for pilots is attainable at regular rates.

Insurance Underwriting and Flying

While flying was once considered a high-risk activity (and sometimes still is), the chances of dying in a plane crash are extremely low. This is why insurance underwriters need to get more information from you when you apply for life insurance.

If you engage in flying, you have to complete an additional questionnaire related to aviation when you apply for life insurance. It will ask details about your flying practices, licenses, overall experience, flight ratings, hours of flying, type of aircraft and details of specialized flying.

Then they will then use this information to decide your rates depending on how much of a risk they’re taking to insure you – whether they feel you’re more than likely die than others your age because you engage in flying.

Flying and Life Insurance – Which Category do you Fit?

As we mentioned earlier, life insurers break down aviation into three groups. We are basing the following on flying practices only – insurers will also consider other general life insurance questions such as health.

Commercial Aviation

You can probably expect standard life insurance rates if you’re a commercial pilot who carries passengers between licensed airports. However, life insurance companies may charge higher rates if you take off and land on non-licensed airstrips, fly passengers to remote cabins in the mountainous wilderness, engage in charter flights or carry cargo.


Your age and experience are important aspects for regular insurance rates. As with commercial pilots, where you fly plays a role; for example, flying over wheat fields versus flying among mountains in a small aircraft.


This coverage includes non-conventional aircraft (ballooning or hang gliding), competitions and performances. The premium rate will be based on things such as if you’re a professional or amateur, experience and ratings.

Depending on the details of your specialized flying, your rates will vary – for example, ballooning may get a standard rate, but hang gliding and paragliding may be rated.

Although underwriting rules are basically the same across the board, life insurance rates and policy amounts are not. This means that you should get advice from an experienced life insurance agent or broker prior to applying for life insurance if you engage in flying.

At Maple Bay Financial Corp., we are experts when it comes to flying and life insurance. We know how certain insurers view commercial, private and hobby aviation.

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