Life Insurance and Breast Cancer

You may think that because you’ve had breast cancer, you won’t be able to get affordable life insurance, but you’ll be happy to know this isn’t always the case.

Many breast cancer survivors qualify for coverage and probably a lot sooner than you’d think.

Due to advances in treatment of breast cancer, many life insurance carriers have altered their coverage guidelines (underwriting). This means that experienced life insurance professionals can help women with a history of breast cancer get affordable life insurance.

The medical community is always researching how to cure, prevent and expand treatment options for breast cancer. More and more women are surviving this once-fatal diagnosis and go on to live healthy and productive lives.

In fact, the chances of long-term survival are so high that life insurance policies for breast cancer survivors are affordable. The only bad part is, most women aren’t aware of these policy changes. It’s time to change that.

Put a Life Insurance Broker to Work on Your Behalf

Each life insurance company has a different way of looking at your specific breast cancer history and some are more favorable than others are. This is where a life insurance broker comes in. They’ll use their resources and access to all of Canada’s traditional and specialized insurers to find you the most affordable coverage.

A broker knows the various applications and which underwriters are the most applicable for your unique case. The date of diagnosis, treatment, and years of being cancer free will all affect your policy and play a factor in which insurer is the best match for you.

If you’re a breast cancer survivor searching for fully underwritten life insurance coverage, you will be asked to collect the following information and supply it to your insurance broker:

  • What was your specific type of breast cancer?
  • What was the stage and grade of your breast cancer? This information is very important and you can find it on your post-pathology report.
  • The date your were diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • The size of your tumor.
  • What was your medical treatment with respect to your diagnosis? Did you have radiation, lumpectomy, chemo, or a mastectomy?
  • The date your treatment ended; and were there any re-occurrences?
  • Did your breast cancer metastasize?
  • Were you declared cancer free?

Without the above information, your insurance professional won’t be able to accurately find the right life insurance company for you. Additionally, having a copy of your pathology report will assist with pre-qualifying your risk.

Comparing Life Insurance Options

Fully Underwritten Policy

Underwriting can only be done once treatment has been completed and if the survivor is well followed by their doctor. With higher stage/grade tumors – the traditional insurance company may only be able to consider 10 years after last treatment. The best base (carcinoma in-situ) could be standard rates 3 years after treatment.

Simple Issue Policy     

For many, a simple issue policy is the best solution. A survivor may qualify for up to $350,000 as soon as 3 years have passed since the last treatment.

Other Factors to Consider

Life insurance companies also look at your family history, smoking status, and age.

When it comes to life insurance and breast cancer, the worst case scenario is being denied coverage. However, you should never assume life insurance is out of your reach because you’re a breast cancer survivor.

A traditionally underwritten policy is not the only option, you may qualify for a simplified issue or guaranteed no medical policy. At Maple Bay Financial Corp., we know which life insurance companies will work best for breast cancer survivors at the most affordable rates.

Our services fit into your busy day since we do most of our appointments online and over the phone. Thanks to screen share technology, you can see what we see to apply and sign your application. Getting life insurance despite having a history of breast cancer or being previously declined for coverage has never been easier or more affordable.

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