Life Insurance Abbotsford

As a resident of Abbotsford the ‘City in the Valley’, choosing the right life insurance advisor and having the right coverage can make an important difference to the financial security of your loved ones and those who rely on you for financial support.Having a life insurance policy as the foundation of your financial security plan means the difference between leaving your family with a safeguarded financial future or leaving behind debts and not enough income for your beneficiaries to survive on you for financial support. Abbotsford is home to some of our most experienced advisors for life insurance and employee benefits plans.

Coverage through a life policy for residents of Abbotsford, BC:

  • Financial peace of mind for your dependents, a big way to counter balance the loss of your income.
  • Protects your family from large debts that would be too much to handle on their own: mortgage, credit card balances and car loan or tax bills.
  • Possible tax advantages for your family business, yourself and your beneficiary.
  • Can be used for final expenses like funeral arrangements and legacy intentions.

Whether you call it Abby, Abbotsford or just ‘my home town’, you will find our life insurance advisors are not just about pushing a product – Maple Bay Financial’s advisors will focus on protecting your family, business and legacy.

The tools we use are:

  • Life Insurance – term and permanent
  • Disability Insurance – protect your income or just your payments
  • Critical Illness Insurance – a lump sum cash payment when it’s needed most, to get through a critical care situation.

Comparing life insurance pricing from all Canadian insurance companies is easy with Maple Bay Financial Corp. – an easy way to shop for your family’s insurance.

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