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Life Insurance

Is Canada Protection Plan Legitimate?

The number of Canadians with life insurance has increased over the past several years. Research has found that in the last six years alone, it

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Life Insurance

Does Life Insurance Ever Expire?

Buying life insurance is something you often do and then forget about it. Your monthly payments to the life insurance company are automated so you

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Life Insurance

Can You Get Life Insurance If You Have Cancer?

According to a report from the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), one in two Canadians will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. With the high

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Discount For Runners

Running is a great form of exercise. You don’t need special equipment, and you can do it almost anywhere and anytime. It also has several

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Life Insurance

Can I drink before a life insurance exam?

Getting life insurance is a smart decision. It provides a level of comfort and security for your family and peace of mind for you. You